Griffon Shana Comes Back For More Candy Sweet Lovin’

Despite the overwhelming popularity of flame-haired tsundere, Shana, from the “Shakugan no Shana” franchise, there hasn’t been a lot of figures of her which can be labeled with adjectives such as excellent, great, exquisite, awesome or any other similar hyperbole to illustrate a must-have status. Max Factory released one in 2007 which can be called the definitive Shana to get but A) it’s a pain in the butt to scour for one and B) it’s beyond the reach of mere mortals who get by life by eating instant noodles. However, Griffon’s swimsuit-clad Shana, who seems to be in the mood for a day at the beach comes in at second. It’s not the ultra-sharp detailed wonder that the Max Factory one is, but it’s at least more than recognizable enough to be Shana and one could argue that the candy bright red hair of Griffon’s Shana trumps that of Max Factory’s. Even better, Griffon’s re-releasing this one too! You can get your very own beach loli this November for a half-decent price of 6500 yen.

Image taken from AmiAmi.


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