Good News and Bad News on Hobby Japan’s 1/8 Queen’s Gate Lili PVC

My first entry here in Team Onii-chan and I bring good news and bad news to Tekken/Lili fans/Queen’s Blade/Queen’s Gate figure collectors like me. Good news is, Hobby Japan would be releasing a figure of Lili. So if you are like me, then this is GLORIOUS! But… Before I mention the bad news, here is the fig I am talking about.

As you all can see, those pink-ish effects are removable, and probably that isn’t all that can be removed, since this is, Queen’s Gate we are talking about, there is a chance that Lili would have a cast-off feature. And… Of course, in pic number two, there is a line on her top which are usual signs of cast-offable figs.

But… Moving on to the bad news, personally, I find something off with her face. Or it must be the angle of the shot in pic two that made her look off. But my opinion isn’t really that much of a bad news. The real bad news is. She is Mail-in Exclusive and would be very very hard to obtain (unless one day some guy sells her at Mandarake).

How hard it is to obtain her?

You guys would first have to obtain Vol 10 and 11 of Hobby Japan monthly magazine, then fill in the order form that comes with it and finally mail it to them before October 11 2011. So… Yeah, you guys have month and a few days to do so.

16 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News on Hobby Japan’s 1/8 Queen’s Gate Lili PVC

  1. I agree. I’m a Tekken fanatic (although I don’t pick Lili for my matches), and the face does not feel… “right”… to say the least. Looks like the nose/mouth area is squished or something.

    The pose is great though, I wonder if she would be a leaner someday.

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