Celebrate Miku’s Birthday with a (Love is War) Y14k Figure!

Good Troll Smile Company 1/8 Miku Love is War Ver., ranked as one of the most wished anime figures in Tsuki Board Community is finally announced over at Mikatan’s Blog today. However, after a year long wait for the final announcement, fans are gravely enraged over the fact that the drop-dead gorgeous and holy grail-worthy figure is priced at a whopping Y14000 and is a GSC Online Shop Exclusive. Is she worth it? Read on to find out.Miku Love is War Ver. was announced one year ago (yes, I shit you not) at Wonder Fest (Summer?) and since then has been subject to anime hobby enthusiasts’ and Miku fans’ anticipation. She has also been featured in various WonFes since her first appearance, although the details about her price and release date were not clear.

A quick info about the reference: Love is War is a song by Hatsune Miku originally entitled, “Koi Wa Sensou,” and composed by group artist, supercell. The artwork was done by none other than professional artist, Miwa Shirow, which is recognizable at first glance if you’re a fan of his. Although the Eager Love Revenge album features Hatsune Miku in a different attire, GSC chose the above illustration to turn into a figure because it’s the one shown on the original Love is War song video.

A day before Hatsune Miku’s birthday, Mikatan finally announced detailed and official preview shots of the said figure, startling each soul who wishes for it, not only because of its exceptional quality but also because of its staggering price.

There are two versions of this figure namely the “Love is War Ver. DX,” which is the one on the left with a badass set of headphones), and the “Love is War Ver”, the pitiful one on the right with a tower pole and, uhm, yeah. Remember how BRS Black Blade is called the poor man’s BRS? Over here,  you can easily tell at first glance the distinction between the rich man’s and the poor man’s Love is War.

Rich man’s Love is War is not just a name, because this one will retail for an extravagant price of Y14000 (without shipping) and will exclusively be sold at Good Smile Online Shop. While the normal Love is War Ver. is relatively less expensive compared to the DX version, it’s still not exactly that “cheap” because it will retail for Y8000 (without shipping).

Be sure to think and choose which version to buy thoroughly. I’m not a rich person, but I’d go for the DX version because Love is War without the megaphones is incomplete no matter how you look at it ;)

Hatsune Miku Love is War is set to be released in January 2012 and will be delivered on February 2012. Orders will be taken from August 31 to September 26, 2011 only.


5 thoughts on “Celebrate Miku’s Birthday with a (Love is War) Y14k Figure!

  1. Saw this in Wanfesu and fell in love with it …… so on the very last day of the pre-order …. i placed an order for the DX version ….. I also have the normal version on per-order … will see if I still got moneys left in Jan >___>

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