e Jeuness Lolis May Be Unknown, But Who Cares?

The figure world is often rife with head-scratching anomalies that even the most seasoned collectors cannot account for. One of these anomalies, is e Jeuness’ (formerly listed under Clayz or T’s system — either way both niche’ manufacturers) Shantiti and Neige. Despite being of unknown origins and not even appearing in the standard profit-driven anime or manga, this set of underaged deliciousness has found popularity (and high market prices to the tune of 30000 yen) among collectors for both it’s exclusivity and the fact that well… they’re flat (in the figure laws of nature, little innocent lolis = apex predator). Thankfully, e Jeuness recognized this gastronomic need among pervert lolicon to get the set and released them in a 2011 recolored edition. The recolor may not be to everyone’s taste, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, lolis are lolis regardless of color tone. Shantiti and Neige 2011 is based on Twinkle’s original illustration and is sculpted by none other than the polarizing Takeshi Miyagawa. Pre-orders are currently being taken for them for an unholy price of 15000 yen. Hey, at least it’s not 30000!

Image taken from AmiAmi.


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