Alter Release Schedule for September 2011

Specific release dates for Alter’s September offerings have leaked out from credible sources within the supply chain even before the customary updates via Alter’s web site. After a very tame August, September looks to be a very busy month for the premium figure manufacturer, which will culminate in their highly anticipated (and divisive) release of beloved crabby tsundere, Senjougahara Hitagi.

■9月15日(木):「初春 飾利【再販】」出荷予定
■9月22日(木):「ぬいぐるみ暴走騎士」「ぬいぐるみ暴走研究員」出荷予定 ※26日(月)問屋様着荷予定
■9月27日(火):「高町なのは -STAND BY READY-【再販】」出荷予定
■9月30日(金):「戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ」出荷予定 ※10月3日(月)問屋様着荷予定
■9月:「木ノ瀬 梓」出荷予定

The list translated is as follows:
■ 9/7 : Miina-Dietlinde Wilcke
■ 9/15 : Kazari Uiharu (re-release)
■ 9/22 : Tales of Vesperia Nuigurumi Bousou-kishi *for retail on the 26th*
■ 9/27 : Takamachi Nanoha -STAND BY READY- (re-release)
■ 9/30 : Senjougahara Hitagi *for retail on October 3*
■ 9/??? : Kinose Azusa


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