Alter’s Kaminagi Ryoko Sums Up The Disappointment That Was 2011

In what can be considered the pinnacle of Alter’s sorry disappointment of a year, the mighty figure manufacturer just announced pre-orders for their new 1/8 scale figure of Zegapain’s Kaminagi Ryoko, despite the fact that they’ve already released a previous figure of her in the f*ckin’ same clothes. Labeled as the “-resurrection-” version, this new figure of the aforementioned anime’s (which by the way was shown 3 years ago) heroine features an improved sculpt over the previous version. However, with competitors, such as GSC, releasing kick-ass, uber-awesome figures like the recently shown Hatsune Miku Love is War Ver., one has to question whether Alter has run out of standard-setting, wondrously creative ideas that they’ve resorted to irritating rehashes of previously made characters. I won’t hide it. I’m hell of a lot pissed at how Alter’s been releasing lackluster stuff recently, whereas the competition has been lapping around them like a wounded, asinine dog. Being an Alter fan through and through, it hurts to see them like this, especially when they’re releasing figures like this wherein the video camera is even more impressive than the character sculpt itself. Kaminagi Ryoko -resurrection- will be released in January 2012 for an equally boring price of 5800 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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