Korean Vocaloid Unveiled, Makes Neko Fans Squeal

With the impending release of widely anticipated voice synthesizer “Vocaloid 3” around the corner, Korean maker SBS Artech looks to celebrate its release with the introduction of the first ever Korean Vocaloid, named SeeU. The blonde neko-nyan, whose outfit looks to be a mere design rip-off of Miku’s, albeit with a citrus splash, is a toast to the new software’s Korean voicebank support. SeeU’s voice is based on the voice of up-and-coming idol, Kim Tahi, seen below.

Apart from Korean, there will also be language support for Chinese and Spanish. There is also reason to believe that “Vocaloid 2” voicebanks will be compatible with the new version, though if such features will be free or not has yet to be confirmed. Target release for “Vocaloid 3” will be in late September and it will run on Windows XP/Vista/7.


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