A+ Mizuho Fulfills Your Exploding Ginormous Teacher Fetish

For an anime released 11 years ago, “Onegai Teacher!” still has quite a number of followers among pervert otaku, all thanks to the original teacher waifu, Kazami Mizuho. This love for the bespectacled pastry pink temptress will now be treading epic creepiness as the polystone craftsmen of obscure company A+ will be releasing a Godzilla-sized 1/2.5 scale figure of her. As with most of Mizuho’s scantily clad renditions, this one will also feature a cast-off feature for virgin otaku looking to experience their yet unfulfilled dreams of erotic pleasure, even if it means doing it with a big hunk of sculpted polystone . What’s even more surprising is that the undies are actually made of real cloth for even more realistic undressing sessions. Of course, such a uniquely insane experience can’t be had for cheap dimes as this towering monstrosity of 2D womanhood will retail for an astounding 31600 yen. You also don’t have much time to save for her as she’ll be coming out late next month.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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