figma Miku Append Celebrates Max Factory’s Control Over Your Buying Habit

With the figma line rapidly growing in astounding popularity and sales, it’s no secret that for its centennial entrant, an iconic character worthy of that distinction would have to be chosen. To no surprise, the transcendental diva of the digital age, Hatsune Miku, in her Append version, was chosen to be the special 100th figma. With her release being so close already, the figma blog posted some shots of her, and from the looks of it, Miku Append seems worthy of the exalted stature she’s been given. Whereas most figmas would have some occasionally frustrating inconsistencies in quality, Max Factory left no stone untouched with their 100th baby. The paint job, in particular, looks exquisite as even the subtle gradients on Miku’s thighs and hair are faithfully replicated. There’s clearly a lot of sweet love put into this release and rightfully so, as Miku’s been a big part of Max Factory’s burgeoning sales. The first releases of this one will also include figma headphone accessories which can be used with other figmas as well. At 3000 yen, figma Miku Append is quite a sweet deal, even sweeter than the candy I’m chewing on as I write this. She’ll be released on September 3, 2011.


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