RIOBOT EVA Unit-01 Cannibalizes on Eva Franchise and Your Money

Despite being released almost two decades ago, the Evangelion franchise is still going strong in terms of toy releases, with the now familiar EVA Unit-01 Test Type being a very willing victim of this infinitely dreadful commercialization. Joining in the fray is previously covered manufacturing newbie, Sentinel, who has decided to release its own version of what is probably the most well-recognized, if not, then certainly right up there, mecha in human history. The RIOBOT Creation line is a non-scaled articulated mecha product line that’s quite a bit bigger than your usual Robot Damashii. In fact, it’s a bit similar to Bandai’s less popular Soul of Chogokin SPEC toys, which also unsurprisingly released an EVA Unit-01 of its own. Sadly reception to those hasn’t been too warm.

What makes these RIOBOT ones any different? For starters, the sculpt looks awesomely detailed to the tune of the new Evangelion movies, which in my opinion, looks vastly superior to the TV anime version in terms of aesthetics. The attention to detail by Sentinel especially in the translucent rendering of the green shoulder pads also tells you they’re not messing around with this one. Couple that with more accessories (please spear me with that Spear of Longinus) and manipulators than the competition can only dream of giving out (Bandai, as most should know by now is a cheapskate) and you’ve got yourself a winner. Sentinel’s RIOBOT EVA comes out in January 2012 for a not so friendly, yet possibly worth-it, price of 7800 yen.

Images taken from Cybergundam.


2 thoughts on “RIOBOT EVA Unit-01 Cannibalizes on Eva Franchise and Your Money

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  2. Not sure why you’d say the Riobot comes with more accessories than Bandai’s offerings. The Robot Damashii Unit 01 comes with double the pallet guns and prog knives that the Riobot has. The RD Unit 01 also comes with a large AT-field effect piece, and although the Riobot comes with the lance, Unit 01 has never used that in the Rebuild movies or TV series so it’s kind of random. Nevertheless, the RD Unit 01 still comes out ahead with more accessories.

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