Chara-ani Shana Re-release Stinks of Opportunistic Profiteering

With the kick-ass epic Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display now over, it’s now back to a sordid money-less reality for us as figure manufacturers continue to inflict unimaginable amounts of grief and emotional turmoil. Sort-of-popular (not totally profitable) merchandise maker, Chara-ani, will look to capitalize on the impending broadcast of “Shakugan no Shana III” by re-releasing 2 variants of the same 2006 figure of the central heroine. The image above is labeled “The Final Contract of Destiny” Ver., featuring Shana with her famous red hair. The sculpt is nothing home to write about and the hair could use a bit more “flame-ish” coloring, but it’s quite likely Shana’s legion of lolicon fans wouldn’t care about it.

“The Final Girl of Tendouguu” Ver., meanwhile, is exactly the same as the red-haired variant except with brownish-gray hair. Whereas the flaming version is unspectacular enough, this one takes it to another level of boring and uninspired feeling. There’s simply not much superlatives, if there are even any, to say about this. Only Shana shrine builders would do wise to order this.

Both Shanas will be re-released in December 2011 for 5700 yen each.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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