K-ON! Movie Trailer Streamed, Church of Moeblob Rejoices

The first full trailer for moeblob orgasm anime, K-ON!, has just been streamed on the movie’s web site, which will surely make 2D worshipping otaku fall down to their knees in extreme adulation.

Apart from the trailer, the site also confirmed 3 new songs to be played in the movie, listed as such…

  • “Ichiban Ippai” – Opening Theme
  • “”Unmei♪wa♪Endless!” – Insert Song
  • “Singing” – Ending Theme

Based on earlier unofficial reports, the film will take place in England where the 5 ditzy, yet, much-loved and adored heroines will be going to on their graduation trip. However, what is certain is that the story will be completely original and not some idiotic rehash, unlike some other famous samurai story. Don’t expect the story to be a deep convoluted psychological tease however, as history will tell us that the plot will surely be simpler than a children’s book premise. The film will premiere on December 3, 2011 across 130 theaters in Japan. Gaijin will unfortunately have to roll on the floor for around 6 months before getting the much needed Blu-ray/DVD releases.

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