Team Onii-chan’s Official Statement on Bootlegs

In light of some questions and happenings recently pertaining to Team Onii-chan’s stand on bootlegs, we would like to finally issue a formal statement with regards to it. To make things clear once and for all, Team Onii-chan does not and will not ever support or promote bootlegs. Why not support bootlegs? Here’s why…

  1. Bootlegs are basically pirated copies of originals, therefore, whatever you pay for a bootleg that’s supposed to go to the original manufacturer goes to some loser pirate who makes money off the intellectual property and creativity of someone else. Figure manufacturers don’t get paid = less compensation for those talented sculptors = fewer figures in the future.
  2. Bootlegs look ugly.
  3. We are collectors as well and we understand the feeling of getting something you worked hard to earn for. As such, we do not want to promote stuff that makes a mockery of this effort and feeling of satisfaction.
  4. We are a group that wants to be recognized as a dead serious team of hardcore figure collectors. To earn respect among both the otaku and toy collecting communities, we wouldn’t want to promote stuff that do not reflect this desire of ours.

Likewise, we will never ever include bootlegs in our displays or sell them. We adhere to our commitment to buying and selling only original figures seriously and will never resort to using these cheap imitations for our own benefit. As a result, anything you see or buy from us is guaranteed 100% original. Unless a buyer of our figures has any proof that the item he or she bought from us is a fake, we will not offer refunds.

We hope this makes our stand on bootlegs clear and questions regarding any related issues answered. Thank you and we hope you will continue to support both Team Onii-chan! and original figures. :)

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