Alphamax Towa Erio Fascinates, Wants You to Investigate Her

Last Wonder Festival Summer 2011, it was revealed that Kotobukiya, maker of unspectacular but totally acceptable figures, would be releasing a scale figure of Towa Erio, from the popular anime, “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.” However, it looks like Alphamax beat them to the punch by opening up pre-orders for their own Erio just now. The former GK turned PVC maker, well known for their perverted tendency of releasing strip-able figures, will bring their expert trademark to this 1/7 Erio figure too, enabling you to take off her skirt. The overall sculpt, meanwhile, doesn’t look too perfect in my opinion, but it might just be some quirks (oh of course!) that Alphamax needs to correct. Paint application looks to be slick and sexy and will hopefully be translated to the final product (which rarely happens). You can have your own sexy loli extra-terrestrial for 6800 yen and she’ll be at your doorsteps purring at you in February 2012.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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