Izaya-kun Trolls His Way to a Figure Release, Made By Alter

Around a year ago, one of the hottest anime properties showing back then was a curiously named show entitled, “Durarara!” From the same creator as the infamous “Baccano!” While the over-the-top storytelling and physics-defying animation of “Durarara!” really put it in a stratospheric level, it was the characters themselves who were the stars of the show, none of which more interesting than fabulous troll, Orihara Izaya. One year after its premiere, Alter finally gives the die-hard fans of the franchise a scale figure of Izaya, which will be listed under their Altair line and boy, does it look glorious.

If someone were to bring the 2D image of Izaya to 3D perfection, then this would probably be it. Every nook and cranny of this devilish tease’s body was given special attention and care, from his trademark spiky hair to his slim body to his comfy furred coat. This is Alter clearly at its best. They even took note of the necessary angle the replacement arm should be pointing at to make it fit well with the body line. Being a huge fan of the character, this one’s surely making it to my already expanding pre-order list. Pre-orders for Izaya-kun start tomorrow, September 7.


One thought on “Izaya-kun Trolls His Way to a Figure Release, Made By Alter

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