Steins;Gate Mayuri Shiina BEACH QUEENS by Wave


Following the success of the Beach Queen’s series, Wave decided to release Mayuri Shiina of Steins;Gate.

So unlike other Beach Queens figures, the Mayuri version is somehat conservative. She’s just wearing a cool pink polka-dot swimwear bra and short shorts but wait! Her trademark hat is included in the fig too. Niiice :)

Lab Member 002 looks so kawaii in this preview, though I really think there’s a sadness in her eyes. I cannot tell whether she is happy or not.

So her Upa plushy is with her. Damn you lucky plushy! :)

My favorite character of the anime is Christina (Makise Kurisu) and I’m happy that Wave will release a Beach Queens version of her too.

Mayushii BQ is now open for preorders at your selected/favorite anime hobby shops for 3800 yen. She’ll be released in March 2012. :)


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