figma Mami Casts a Tiro Finale on Your X’mas Bonus

The figma Blog has just released preview shots of the latest Puella Magi coming to Max Factory’s definitive line, Tomoe Mami. Unlike Homura though, who by the way probably looks the best among the announced figmas so far from the Madoka series, Mami seems to be more dynamic and has a lot more possibilities for action shots. This does not mean that the blonde busty gunslinger is without fault though as one of her face plates depicts her in a supposed state of consternation but looking more like in a state of constipation.

Accessories-wise, Mami trumps both Madoka and Homura in that department as she comes with 6 muskets and stands to recreate her signature finishing maneuver, Tiro Finale. Even better is that she also comes with a mini Charlotte (although the head-chomping version would’ve been better) which also comes with its own stand so you can pose Mami hunting it down like the tea-drinking, prim and proper marksman that she is.

Pre-orders for this sexy magical lady start tomorrow, September 8 and she will retail for 3200 yen. Her release date is on January 2012, just in time for you to fork out that X’mas bonus your boss gave you.


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