Persona 4 Anime Sparks Wave Rise Re-release, Auction Sites Frown

As it has been with most recently announced figures, Wave will be re-releasing their once legendary (not in terms of sculpt, mind you) figure of teen-idol, Kujikawa Rise, in anticipation of the upcoming “Persona 4” anime. The “Persona” franchise has certainly its share of dedicated fans, leading to many of its figures being highly in-demand (and subsequently overpriced in the secondary market); this Rise being one of them. Another thing to note is that this Rise is scaled at 1/8, a far cry from the now common 1/10 figures from Wave. I’m not a “Persona” fan as I don’t get to play games that much, but I’m sure quite a number of people would be thrilled with this chance to buy what is arguably the best Rise figure that has come out yet. She comes out in February 2012 for a thankfully sane price of 6800 yen, a far cry from the 16000 yen she usually retails for on Japanese auction site.

Images taken from AmiAmi.

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