GSC Makise Kurisu Wants You to Hug Her…


Assistant, The Zombie, Celeb 17, Lab Member 004, Cel-7, Channeler ,2 Channer,  “Perverted Genius Girl,” are all nick names of our beloved female protagonist of Steins; Gate, Makise Kurisu…. and she will be having a Good Smile Company 1/8 scaled fig…not final, but at least we can enjoy the draft previews.

This fig is so sexy, like she wants us to hug her on her pose. Definitely, a Kurisu fig will not be complete without her cellphone and her signature neck tie.

With the near end of the anime Steins;Gate,  I’m sure many fans need a souvenir to remember all her cool and tsundere scenes, as well as her hot and cold encounters with Okarin.

Yes, I’m one of those people who actually prays at night and wishing for this fig to be released by GSC. Hopefully there will be an update for her release date and price as well… :)




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