Strength -animation version- Continues the Trend for Killer Lolis… and Killer Prices

Mikatan Blog just gave her customary preview shots with the upcoming release of Strength -animation version- just around the corner, giving collectors who didn’t pre-order this silent loli more to think and regret about. As with most of the animation version figures from the BRS lineup, Strength is propped up on another defaced and pulverized chessboard base. Despite the impressive base, expect this one to cause another headache in terms of setting up. Of course, the greatest asset of Strength’s, her gorilla mecha arms (the correct term is Ogre Arms, I believe), is faithfully represented here although the functional versions of the figma’s and Nendoroid’s might actually be more impressive than this one’s. Nonetheless, Strength looks to have none of the earlier problems that plagued the earlier BRS figures such as the Master Grade level construction woes and easily broken parts. Now just where to store that huge box?

Strength -animation version- will be released on September 12 for a very unfriendly price of 9800 yen.

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