AmiAmi ZERO Hattori Hanzo Brings Her Guns to the Beach

AmiAmi ZERO, true to its erotic roots, will follow up on their Hyakka Ryoran swimsuit lineup with another sultry addition, this time featuring the loyal lesbian maid of the Tokugawa house, Hattori Hanzo. Unlike Alter’s blade-clad fighting version, AmiAmi ZERO decided to showcase Hanzo’s sexual weapons of mass disruption thid time in an attempt to tantalize ero-loving males worldwide. It’s not even trying to hide this blatant fact as the suggestive pose, pleasured face and gleefully exposed body parts all sing a chorus to lull male carnal desires. Sculpt-wise, this may not be the greatest of figures but its clear that it has other dirtier intentions in mind. She’s scaled at 1/8 and will be released in February 2012 for a mindblowingly cheap price of 6200 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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