MegaHouse Merry is Mega Ugly

MegaHouse, a company usually associated with quality works, has unusually ventured into the depths of derpness with their latest creation, Merry Nightmare, from the anime, “Yumekui Merry.”

Unexplainably, Merry seems to have gone under facial reconstruction here as she looks nowhere near her character design in the anime. There’s also a jarring lack of sharpness to her hair and couple that with the extremely boring pose and you’ve got a figure that’s destined to hit the bargain bin of unloved figures. All hope is not lost however as Alter is expected to release a Merry of their own. Even if that doesn’t turn out to be a spectacular piece, at least it can’t go any lower than this MegaHouse abomination. This Merry will unleash her incredible ugliness in January 2012 for a cringe-worthy 6800 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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