Embarrassed Plum Astraea Brings Big Gifts, Comes at a Big Price

Relatively new manufacturer, Plum, looks to make itself more known among figure otaku with its latest announcement of a soon-to-be released 1/6 figure of busty, blonde idiot, Astraea, of perverted ecchi anime “Sora no Otoshimono f.” From the looks of the figure, it does not seem to radiate any kind of spectacular feeling or present itself as a top-class piece. In fact, this one seems to most cater to fans of the series itself, who honestly, have been starved for figures of the characters as very little manufacturers outside of Kotobukiya and Grands have taken a liking to the enjoyable franchise. Of course, if history is to made a reference, the actual produced figure may turn out to be much better (or worse) than the prototype shots may suggest. Astraea comes with her weapons, Aegis L and Chrysaor, and exudes an embarrassed pose, a wonder considering the Angeloid is holding both weapons. This blonde klutz will be released in December for a not-so-delectable (repulsive even) price of 9500 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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