Money will Time Travel to 5pb/Nitroplus’ Official Steins;Gate Divergence Meter Replica

Final episode of Steins;Gate will air this week, and all fans of the anime are excited to watch the thrilling, nerve wracking ending. So 5pb/Nitroplus is offering S;G fans to purchase their limited edition replicas of divergence meter.

So, what is this Divergence Meter is all about? It keeps track of the magnitude of differences between time lines . If you want more details about it, listen to/watch Suzu-chan on Episode 15 as she explains Okarin the functions and also the effects of the changes in the numbers of the meter.

Two versions of divergence meter are being sold.

Alpha world line (I believe the numbers are in default 0.00000) = 62,800 yen

Beta world line = 59,800yen

The fun/cool part is you can also use the replicas as  clock, alarm clock, calendar and sound recorder.Also includes different sound effects. It produces sound every time the numbers change.

A software is included to be able to make some changes on the divergence meter by just connect it to computer via USB port.

A very interesting item with a price that is not interesting enough. But if you’re one of die hard fans of S;G, Okarin or Suzuha Amane, I guess this replica is just good fit for your room… :)


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