Portfolio: Alter Revy

“Black Lagoon” was in many ways a lot different than most of the anime I thoroughly enjoyed watching. It was completely devoid of moe, cute girls or even galaxy-destroying mecha; things that are considered staples among the most popular shows to date. Excessively bloody, unapologetically crude and yet at the same time, inviting for self-reflection, “Black Lagoon” was a dark comedy unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It had elements of unrealism, but the themes covered are very much in our present world with a dash of satire and a bit of humor. None of this was more true than with lead heroine, Revy. Even if her barbaric and unladylike attitude made for some good laughs and jaw-dropping awes, she was in more ways than one more than the typical lead as she had quite a backstory to tell. Being a figure collector, once I knew that Revy was going to be a favorite of mine, I immediately searched for the best Revy I could find on the interwebs. Alter released one in 2008, which is the one I have now, but she didn’t come cheap (much to my waifu’s chagrin and looking back, yes I might have paid a bit much to get her). Anyways, this is one of the rarer figures in my collection and couple that with my fondness for the character, I can safely say that she’ll be staying in my collection for quite some time.

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An avid figure collector who borders on manic obsession and always seeks out the best and nothing less, does data-crunching as a pasttime, eats technology news for breakfast and takes care of emotionless bastard familiars who wants to make contracts with magical girls. Head of Team Onii-chan!

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