Naughty Astraea is Naughty

Alpha Max who is known in the figure business for releasing such sexy figs are back to take yo’ money with the 1/7 scale figure of the busty, blonde idiot Astraea from the perverted ecchi anime “Sora no Otoshimono f.” This blonde idiot is truly showing her stuff, wearing such a sexy swimsuit and in such a sexy pose, this figure is oozing with sexiness and making you feel all weird and creepy inside XD. To truly make herself really alluring, she wants you to lick her ice cream she’s holding… More likely, you want to hold her a lot. She’ll be released in March of 2012, ready enough for some to get to the beach with her… Hoping you could spare 7400 yen on her…

1 thought on “Naughty Astraea is Naughty

  1. She can lick my ice cream cone.

    Whooops. Did I say that out loud? Although I’m usually not into the super sexy figures like this, I actually would consider her. She’s very well sculpted, and she has a cute character design. The pose isn’t too provocative either (except maybe the ice cream cone).

    She’s still lacking too much clothes to make it into my collection though. D:

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