Quick Review: Max Factory Figma WRS

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRSBeen a while since I last posted here and today I bring you a rather “quick” review of the recently released Game Bundled figma, White Rock Shooter or easily known as WRS!

First of all WRS, has two specific modes, one is where she’s unarmed where you can pose her around doing all sorts of relaxations she usually does up there in the moon while watching humans go to their extinction.

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRSMax Factory figma SP-33: WRS

As you can see, she has quite a more detailed outfit than the original/OVA designs and what actually won her details for me would be her paint as her outfit all in all are glossy and even though her skin is really skin white, I was surprised that I didn’t have a hard time shooting her as well. Overall details are very well made as even the lines weren’t as sloppy as how they were back on BGS’s. (well, at least for me)

Her second mode is her fully equipped form as how she appears when you first fight her in the game, which would require changing her hood and attaching some pieces to her back to form her White Wings; The said mode also has an accompanying White Scythe and right red flame eye hairpiece to go perfectly with it as her battle mode.

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRSApplying the White Wings doesn’t really limit her poseability but it does however make things a little more tricky to adjust her pose when the wings are attached but hey, it really makes an awesome display piece in exchange :3 The white wings are beautifully done even having a ball joint after each “blade” piece on her wings and the wings themselves are quite adjustable at a given level which is a really nice bonus for play value.

In addition to her normal smiling(?) and angry faces seen above, she also has a third lick face which I really liked for many reasons and specifically having the ability to become a serious non-angry face when viewed from her right side.

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRSMax Factory figma SP-33: WRSHer overall poseability isn’t as good as figma BRS’s in terms of flexibility, that’s for sure. She certainly does have a quite limited shoulder joints (thanks to her massive sleeves and hood) and slight limitation in the neck (it doesn’t really move too well due to her hood as well) as well. Certainly not in a very praise worthy in terms of overall articulation BUT she does pack her own value thanks to her gigantic wings and despite having limited shoulder articulation, she can be posed in quite good action poses (and she’s way easier than posing figma STR).

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRSMax Factory figma SP-33: WRSMax Factory figma SP-33: WRSMax Factory figma SP-33: WRS

WRS, for me, is above average figma but certainly not an excellent one, however, being a good articulated figure AND a very awesome display piece at the same time is quite something and it does make up for her cons; however not many people may be willing to dish out 10k+ yen for this but for me, the bundle’s quite worth it since you get a mini illustration works, an OST and also a UMD of the Game. (which let me use my PSP again after months of being in storage XD)

Max Factory figma SP-33: WRS I just hope Max won’t troll and make her EX mode as well D:


2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Max Factory Figma WRS

  1. Nice poses for WRS. I should learn more and get more inspiration for posing my figmas in the future :o

    Having to fork out 10k to get this figma along with the PSP game and bonus stuff that one does not particularly want is quite painful, and I won’t have to put up much grudge for it if it weren’t to be the case. Articulation does seem to be more limited than the original BRS, and I did hear that QC is a little mixed there (some had uneven colours, yellowing, or even easily broken joints, while mine had rather loose wing joint for the back).

    Nevertheless somehow I really like the design of WRS ^^; Though it has been a subject of criticism in terms of hype/fad as I have received several comments on my blog earlier (which are very valid though).

    • Oh, mine’s fine except that the wings detach quite easily but it’s not that big of a problem anyway. Do hope the yellowing isn’t true else that’d be downer. >_>

      As per WRS herself I like her a lot; the design and even her character in the game XD

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