RD Nu Gundam in the Works? Oh, Bandai You Tease!


A scan showing a preview of the upcoming Robot Damashii (RD) Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Full Action Ver. reveals that the next high-profile Gundam to grace the RD lineup might be none other than Amuro Ray’s ultimate mobile suit (at least from an anime standpoint), the Nu Gundam. First appearing in the 1989 movie, “Char’s Counterattack,” the Nu Gundam is considered by many to be Amuro’s most powerful Gundam as it harnessed his Newtype powers to the fullest as exemplified by the suit’s capability to use the remote Fin Funnel system. Fans of the Universal Century timeline will surely be thrilled by the thought of a Nu Gundam RD as recently releases have focused more on Alternate Universe suits than on the original metaverse.


Meanwhile, the aforementioned Unicorn Full Armor Ver. looks to have corrected the issues that plagued the earlier Unicorn Destroy Mode release. It not only looks more detailed, but the artculation seems to have gone up a notch.

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