Dengeki Kyousuke Might Be An Oddball But At Least Your figma Has An Onii-chan Now


Dengeki has long been known as a publisher of quality otaku magazines, which at times includes coupons for desirable mail-order exclusives. They continue this trend with their latest announcement of a Kousaka Kyousuke figure that may not be must-have material (few otaku want their collections “tainted” by PVC testosterone), but certainly unique.



The choice to make a Kyousuke figure, and a static one at that, is puzzling indeed but at least Dengeki was nice enough to include a face plate of one of Kyousuke’s most famous expressions.


What’s even better is that he’s scaled close or at figma size so you can pose him alongside your other figmas for added “play value” (not sure how you can play with a static figure though).

Dengeki’s Kousaka Kyousuke is a Dengekiya Magazine exclusive and will be released in February 2012 for a reasonably priced 4500 yen.


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