MegaHouse Bankai Ichigo Unleashes A Getsuga on Your Shounen-Less Collection


Even though shounen is one of the most popular manga genres as proven by the mainstream popularity of most titles under it, its characters have not been received as warmly by figure manufacturers. MegaHouse, on the contrary, looks to reverse this trend with its introduction of the G.E.M. series, which in the past has featured popular males such as Lelouch and the Gintama boys. This time, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of “Bleach,” MegaHouse has finally decided to release the now iconic lead, Kurosaki Ichigo in his Bankai form, as a 1/8 scale figure.


In recent years, Ichigo’s Bankai has slowly become the more recognized form of the orange-haired protagonist, even more so than his giant cleaver-wielding Shikai form. Personally, I find the Bankai much cooler in appearance as it gives Ichigo a more streamlined and compact appearance while conveying a sense of overwhelming power.


MegaHouse really captured the essence of Ichigo’s character here as he portrays a raging confidence within himself in this figure rendition. I especially love the flow of his shihakusho, as it simulates a sense of motion even if he’s only standing. (I’m a self-admitting Bleach fan boy)


MegaHouse’s Kurosaki Ichigo is now released at your favorite figure retailers and is priced at a budget-friendly 6800 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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