Monster Hunter 3G Game Includes Swordsman Figure, Looks F*cking Awesome


To commemorate the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS game, “Monster Hunter 3G,” Capcom will be releasing the game with a Swordsman figure in LA (Lagiacrus) Gear made by previously featured maker, Sentinel.


The figure will fully articulated and stands at 160mm tall. It will be made of PVC and ABS for added stability. Completing the set are added accessories which include 6 replacement wrists, an LA Gear Blade, the huge Lagia Sword, a stand, shield and 3 base texture sheets.


The “Monster Hunter 3G” game and Lagia Monster Hunter set will be released on December 10, 2011 for a reasonably priced 6800 yen.

In addition, an even more exclusive box set will also be released on the same day which will include a Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad and a special alarm clock. The “Monster Hunter 3G Slide Pad Expansion Pack G” will retail for a wallet-crunching 9990 yen.

Images taken from Cybergundam Blog.


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