OreImo Figures Re-released, Desperate Lolicons Filled With Joy

The “OreImo” craze looks to be as strong as ever even if the anime has already come to pass, as GSC and Max Factory announced a re-release of 2 of their most popular figures the series, Nendoroid Kuroneko and figma Kirino, respectively.


Nendoroid Kuroneko is the big-headed reimagination of Kirino’s best friend and bas been quite popular for its stoic and straightforward faces. She comes with a nekomimi and her favorite anime, Maschera, so you can recreate her memorable scenes in the show. She comes out this October for 3500 yen.


Meanwhile, Max Factory will be releasing figma Kousaka Kirino once again this November for 2800 yen. Although the figure looks to be quite simple, in my opinion, out of ALL the Kirino released so far, the figma still looks the best even with all the joints present. Her angry and annoyed faces perfectly capture the tsundere side of the series’ main character.

Both figures are now available for orders at your favorite online stores.


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