QB Products Tempting Otakus to make a Contract

Kyubey/Kyuubey/QB, the all powerful incubator knows how to keep us awake in the night is releasing so much products that Otakus are tempted to make a contract with him. Seven Two are releasing three things that are related to our powerful contract maker QB. First is a 14cm soft vinyl figure of him… When you purchase him you’ll also get a “Grief Seed” and “Soul Gem” at your purchase, making you now a Puella Magi. The second is a 13cm PVC QB Voice Mascot, which speaks to you and tells you to either make a contract with him or buy more products of  him. Lastly a special ball-point pen that also speaks when you press QB who’s on top holding a Soul Gem.

The Soft Vinyl QB will be released this December at a price of 4500 yen. The Voice Mascot QB will be released the same month at the price of 3500 yen. And lastly the Special Ball-Point Pen QB will be released next year January at a price of 980 yen. With so much QB products, he’ll be unstoppable and many of you won’t be able to resist him.

3 thoughts on “QB Products Tempting Otakus to make a Contract

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