SHAFT’s Kizumonogatari and Nisemonogatari Trailer Revealed, More Otaku Fetishes Awaken

SHAFT is going all out with its newest anime offerings, unsurprisingly all based on works of light novelist NisiOisin, as one of their most popular offerings outside of a certain magical girl killing anime, “Bakemonogatari” will finally have its long awaited prequel and sequel animated. Both of the much-awaited releases will once again feature perverted half-vampire lolicon, Araragi Koyomi, as the main character (Araragi-kun still has much air time but Nisemono seems to have new leads). Akiyuki Shimbo and Akio Watanabe will return as director and character designer, respectively. The medium of choice, however, differs between the 2 works.

The prequel to “Bakemonogatari,” “Kizumonogatari” looks to center around 3 main characters, Araragi, Hanekawa and another blonde girl who seems to echo many similarities from typical cliche samurai sword wielding vampires (ugghh…). I kinda have an idea who the 3rd character might be, but I might be wrong here so I won’t mention it. Details are scarce for now, unless you’ve read the novel, but I’m guessing that this will reveal the backstory of how our lead male gets his unexplained vampiric powers. The movie is set to be released next year with no definite date as of the moment.

The other project revealed, “Nisemonogatari,” is the much anticipated sequel to “Bakemonogatari” and will focus on the “Fire Sisters,” Tsukihi and Karen, both of whom are Koyomi’s sisters (wish you didn’t sell those Nendoroid Petits of them now, ‘eh?). So far much like the prequel, there hasn’t been a lot of information given on this one except that all our beloved Oddities from the first season will return, some even sporting new haircuts and/or a new look. “Nisemonogatari” will premier in January 2012.


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