Team Onii-chan! at The Best of Anime 2011 Ingress!

Tomorrow is the big day and Team Onii-chan! has started preparing for it just a while ago. Of course, when you have a cast as crazy and diverse as this, wackiness ensues.

Upon arriving at the display area, we were greeted with a tall pole with a sign identifying our group. We might use it for promotional purposes tomorrow or a make-shift sign board or just something Manyushii can play with.

Event hall is quite spacious. It’s around 2 basketball courts long. At least we won’t be worrying about tight and stuffy crowds this time. Whew.

Here’s the stash of figures we’ll be opening soon… sooon… soooon (now where are those tables to put them on!?)

Since the tables came terribly late, we decided to make the rounds at some of the stalls. Of course, Bandai was present to show off some of their Gunpla. Manyushii loves Setsuna suits so much we had to take pics of these “bling”-ed up ones.

Manyushii wondering where the heck the tables are.

Resident photographer extraordinaire Adam relaxing on the floor while waiting while Thor philosophically ponders the existence of humankind.

Finally, the tables came after what has got to be an hour of waiting. Set-up was quite fast this time around compared to our Otaku Expo 2011 ingress. Of course, the setting was smaller so there was less to worry about as well.

Manyushii photobomb!

Manyushii must’ve drank a carton of energy drinks as he was incredibly hyper today. He takes a stab at planking this time.

Master Vhayste don’t like planking, yo.

After the ingress, we had some late grub at Burger King (seriously expensive nowadays) before going home to rest for the much awaited first day of The Best of Anime 2011. (pardon the blurred pic, Manyushii has shaky hands) Congrats to all the Team Onii-chan! members earlier for the job well done. ^^


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