Team Onii-chan! At The Best of Anime 2011 Day 2

Another great weekend, another awesome convention to remember by. The Best of Anime 2011 was by no means a convention of the highest caliber, by normal standards, however, the figure display that Team Onii-chan! put together was once again the source of our joy and pride. I guess its a testament to the wonderful company that these guys are that makes every display a fulfilling and worthwhile event. Anyways, I wouldn’t remember The Best of Anime 2011 as an outstanding convention but more for the overwhelming fun factor involved. Here’s some pics from day 2.

Given the less than expected turnout for the event, the figure display still attracted its numerous share of people. In fact, while other booths have had people come and go, ours had a steady stream throughout the day even with the noisy atmosphere provided by some of our usual suspects (ahem, Manyushii, Kyon and Sensei). Overall, we are without a doubt very happy and satisfied with the response to our display and we hope this continues into our future events as well.

And so while we close another chapter in our crusade to spread the joy of anime toy collecting, we look forward to another one soon, which we’ll be updating you on in the coming days. Stay tuned :)

6 thoughts on “Team Onii-chan! At The Best of Anime 2011 Day 2

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    • nope. the organizers didn’t provide barricades and the space was small enough to be managed by us that they weren’t of great need.

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