New Gundam AGE Suits Come From The Planet of Cool, Puts Ugly AGE-1 to Shame


Recent magazine scans, or so they seem to be, reveal new Gundam designs for the upcoming kiddie- targeted series, “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.” However, unlike the previously featured AGE-1, these new variants look like they’ve come from another planet of coolness, rather than the derp kindergartener design of the aforementioned lead suit.


The new suits, named AGE-2 and AGE-3, look supremely awesome (the AGE-2 in particular with its similarity to the highly popular 00 Raiser) and could kick the ugly sh*t out of the AGE-1 in a modeling competition. The new suits are most likely upgrades, rather than mere battle configurations, of the AGE-1 based on the arrows linking the 3 Gundams. Anyways, the AGE-2, in my eyes, might be the more melee-oriented one while the AGE-3 is the beam spammer. Regardless, these new designs certainly give more life to the new “AGE” series and could quite save it from total disappointment.

Images taken from Cybergundam Blog

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5 thoughts on “New Gundam AGE Suits Come From The Planet of Cool, Puts Ugly AGE-1 to Shame

  1. Gundam AGE-1 = Victory Gundam
    Gundam AGE-2 = 00-Quan[T]
    Gundam AGE-3 = S Gundam/Ex-S Gundam

    cool new mobile suits… but the series itself is MEH…..

  2. That’s good… at least they made it better looking for the 2nd and 3rd generations. And I think it’ll be better to see it on kits.

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