chibi-arts Blue Rose to be Released Before Tiger and Bunny, Head Scratching Ensues


Bandai has once again curiously announced a minor character release ahead of the series lead, this time with “Tiger and Bunny’s” Blue Rose getting the chibi-arts treatment before more celebrated characters, Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks.


chibi-arts is Bandai’s answer to GSC’s more popular Nendoroid line, featuring super-deformed characters but using characters from Bandai’s own library of licensees. In fact the size of chibi-arts and Nendoroids are so similar that some people say you can exchange parts between them.


Blue Rose will come with different face plates and accessories so you can recreate her favorite poses and expressions from the show. From the looks of it, Bandai’s not skimping on any of the accessories which can only be good for the fans of this icy lady.

She also comes with a base for support and even her legs can be changed. A great release from Bandai for sure, especially if you plan on collecting the entire lineup.

chibi-arts Blue Rose will be released in January 2012 for 3300 yen. So far there have been no indications of it being a Tamashii Web exclusive.


2 thoughts on “chibi-arts Blue Rose to be Released Before Tiger and Bunny, Head Scratching Ensues

  1. If you ask me, this one is a lot less puzzling than the Blue Exorcist figure news. XD And since the girls of Tiger and Bunny are the only characters whose heads are still visible while in costume, it’s no surprise that they chose Blue Rose first. I’d honestly rather have street-clothes versions of most of the others. It wouldn’t be as interesting to have Tiger and Bunny in just their suits, as you couldn’t change their facial expressions, etc. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what solution they come up with for that.

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