Urobuchi Not Yet Done With Madoka, QB Not Yet Done Making Contracts


An audio commentary by head writer Gen Urobuchi, played during the ending credits of the final “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” Blu-ray/DVD volume, suggests that the said anime classic may not yet be over and that magical troll QB might be making more contracts in the future

Urobuchi: I haven’t been working in animation very long, but they let me do the project the way I wanted, so I really enjoyed it … So, to give my gratitude to everyone on staff for letting me do as I please, I’m doing my best on what’s next.
Cast: A second season? A second season?

Cast: Madoka’s …

Cast: No, no …

Urobuchi: I think I can announce it someday, but I’m trying hard to squeeze the ideas out of my mind. I’m doing my best.

Cast: It’s got to be a different ending, such as a parallel world from this one, right? It’ll have to be … I guess. Is it possible that we can see such a world? I’m looking forward to it.

Urobuchi: Well, I feel it hasn’t ended here, not yet.

Interestingly, director Akiyuki Shimbo also mentioned in a magazine interview last March that he wanted to make a second season or a side story project for “Madoka,” lending more evidence that a sequel may not be impossible. Personally, I’d be thrilled with anything “Madoka” they come out with, as long as they bring back that unfairly loveable troll, QB.

Credits to Anime News Network


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