GSC 1/8 Akemi Homura Sneak Peak!

 Possibly the most popular and sought after of them soon-to-be-witches Magical Girls, Good Smile Company has finally shown the colored prototype of Akemi Homura’s 1/8 scale figure after they have just recently opened pre-orders GSC 1/8 Kaname Madoka making this badass time traveler as the second Puella Magi scale figure in the line-up.

According to Mikatan, the full preview will be available on Monday and pre-orders for this figure will be opened on September 27, barely a week from now. Unfortunately, I think that the figure is not as good as their Madoka one. As a Homura fag, I feel like it’s lacking the “cool” factor of it. Also, the eyes are bigger and more moe-fied compared to the official illustration it was based on. In short, I wasn’t impressed for some reason. Then again, all’s not lost until the final preview!


One thought on “GSC 1/8 Akemi Homura Sneak Peak!

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