Hobby Japan November 2011 Scans

It’s nearing the end of the month which means that the new Hobby Japan issue is now ready to terrorize collectors into spending more of their blood, sweat and cash to get more of these plastic ladies. Whether you’re a Nendoroid fanatic, a figma fan boy or a scale figure savant, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.
The much anticipated figma Tekkaman Blade has now been colored for previews and does it look good, though it is yet to be seen if this will beat Bandai’s in build quality.

I can’t fathom how the used to be unloveable Miki Sayaka is now the darling of figure manufacturers as all of her figures up to now have all been… uhh… desirable to say the least. I can’t believe I said that but I did.

Would you look at that! The once elusive and pain in the ass figure, Alter X Hobby Japan’s Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver. is getting a re-release, albeit in a pink recolor. Whether it’s going to be another 1500 pc limited figure remains to be seen but hey, at least you got your second chance now.

I’ve been wanting to see Alter’s dynamic and impressive Merry Nightmare since it last appeared in Wonder Festival and now Hobby Japan gives us the best look at it thus far. Alter being Alter, their Merry does not disappoint one bit and it actually makes me want to get one, despite my relative indifference to the character. Also, more Strike Witches coming (can’t remember who’s the on the left, but I believe Eila is the one on the right?) and I must say, Yagyu Jubei really is popular, eh?

Blatant copout by Kotobukiya here as they’ve made the lazy decision to release Hayane of “Shining Hearts” as basically a Blanc Neige recolor. Granted she has added accessories and that Tony Taka’s characters are essentially carbon copies of one another, but still…

Slow news for Nendoroids today, which is probably a good thing considering the money sapping they’ve done these days. There’s Nendoroid Charlotte E. Yeager and the Ichiban Kuji promo for “Ika Musume” here but none to really go nuts and jump off a cliff over.

And some other figures that you probably won’t care much about.

Images taken from Figure/GK.


10 thoughts on “Hobby Japan November 2011 Scans

  1. I suppose I’ll be getting Retia Adolf “Idol Version” and Merry Nightmare…
    Can’t make up my mind whether to get Junko and Eila or not though. =\

    • scratch this, I’m safe because Junko is a volks release(and a really good one but also very expensive)

      and Eila is a FuRyu prize fig that makes me wonder if I’ll get her

      Shirley is still a get XD

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