RD Unicorn Gundam Full Action Ver. Release Around The Corner, Bandai Milks This Horse Again

Bandai’s no stranger to releasing new versions of previously done suits or characters in the name of “improvement,” but is really meant to cover up the crap job they’ve done on the first release. This was true for many of their toys, such as the S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Decade, Den-O Strike Form, to name a few. The Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode is most certainly now in that category as the new Full Action Ver. looks to correct the many flaws and inconsistencies that plagued the sordid, putrid (ok, maybe not) and butt-ugly first Unicorn Destroy Mode release.

The new Unicorn Destroy Mode Full Action Ver. (that was a mouthful) seems to correct the limited articulation of the original version, while also adding new weapon accessories to the pure white equine mecha. In fact, Bandai wants to show off the new poseability of the new Robot Damashii that they’ve previewed the Unicorn doing some complex, yet unusual poses. While impressive to look at, the Gundam would probably be off better with more natural poses. The new version also has a better paint job and sculpt, at least from what I see, but it’s much better that we wait for the actual toy release before handing out the grades.

The new RD Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Full Armor Ver. will be released in October 2011 for a heavy price of 4000 yen. Improvement doesn’t come cheap, eh?

Images taken from Cybergundam.

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