RD Strike Rouge IWSP Not For The Unfabulously Cashless


Bandai continues its milking assault with another variant release that’s sure to irritate Robot Damashii fans even more. Their latest Tamashii Web Shop exclusive, the RD Strike Rouge IWSP, merges Cagalli Yula Athha’s fabulously pink Gundam with the bulky IWSP weapons pack for a supposedly fearsome combination.

Only seen in “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV,” the IWSP packing Rouge is more of a niche product more than any other as the pink color scheme may not be for everyone despite it wielding those sexy cannons and that oh-so-beautiful gatling gun.


As mentioned earlier the RD Strike Rouge IWSP will be a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive, which means getting one will no only be a pain in the ass, but also a pain to your finances. The release date will be in February 2012 for a tortuous 3990 yen.

Images taken from Cybergundam.

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