Animate Girls Festival Figure Previews (Lots of Manjuice Here)

The ongoing Animate Girls Festival has provided noteworthy previews, especially for those who are not infected by a curious aversion to testosterone-carrying characters and/or have a somewhat creepy emotional connection to them. The most exciting preview, which up until now has only been a cardboard printout featuring the character himself, is Alpha X Omega’s Kururugi Suzaku in his Knight of Zero costume. While Spinzaku has had his share of both adoring fans and even more haters who would love nothing more than to burn his ass on a stake, from a purely objective view, his figure actually looks great so far. You could even make an argument that his flowing robes that have much volume and movement rival that of the Emperor Lelouch figure. So far, no release date has been given but it’s safe to say that this will be a 2012 release given that Emperor Lelouch has been announced for a December reveal.

Another figure that made waves previously, MegaHouse’s Edward Elric has had many otaku pondering if the character’s awesomeness was worthy of their purchase (and subsequently defiling their female character shrines). While he’s been featured before in Wonder Festival 2011, the Animate display shows us that the base he’ll be propped onto will be a simple circular one with a transmutation circle design on it. Edward will be released in November for a very affordable 6800 yen.

Images taken from Cybergundam.


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