Galileo Galilei’s “Asu e” to be Gundam AGE’s Opening Theme

Galileo Galilei, the Japanese rock band popularly responsible for “AnoHana’s” opening theme, is confirmed to be performing the upcoming series’, “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE,” opening theme as well. The news came from the band’s web site and this will be their 6th single. The song is entitled, “Asu e” and will be released as a CD single on December 7. However, prior to the CD release, the song will also be available as a mobile phone ringtone and as a downloadable file for PCs (for Japan residents only I guess). The limited edition Gundam version of the CD will include a “Gundam AGE” sticker, the TV edit of the song, and other extras. For a preview of the song, be sure to watch this week’s episode of “Ao no Exorcist” as it is said that there will be a short promo video for the anime after the ending credits.


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