A Rant Against Otaku Injustice (Arrghh Bring AFA Over Here!!! Edition)


Pound for pound, Filipinos are probably some of the most die-hard otaku around, and yet we’re still shortchanged when it comes to exposure on the global otaku scene, apart from a certain She-Who-Must-Not -Be-Named and her legion of delusional servant fan boys. Anime Festival Asia 2011 stands to be one of the biggest international events of the year and yet, it’s never leaving the shores of the Merlion (Singapore for the uninformed). To compound our wrath even further, a recent announcement that a Vocaloid concert will be held at AFA 2011 just bluntly outlines the incredible injustice that we have to sorely accept. Heck, I want an AFA event here, with all the international companies like Bandai and GSC, the to-die-for meetings with seiyus, the Anisong singers I admire, and yes, even the technologically impressive and magical Vocaloid concert that we might never have, even if I’m not the biggest Vocaloid fan by a long shot.

For those with deep pockets to fly over to the land of “(insert sentence here) Lah,” Anime Festival Asia 2011 will be held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Hall from November 11-13, 2011. Meanwhile, I’ll just rage here with a cantakerous temper like an unwanted %#*$!!


7 thoughts on “A Rant Against Otaku Injustice (Arrghh Bring AFA Over Here!!! Edition)

  1. I thought me and brother were the only ones ranting about the AFA festival. Glad to find out about someone that shares the same resentment *brofist* But the thing is unless our conventions will improve in a great scale, that would be the only time when Japan would recognize us.

    Although I’m not keeping my hopes up, the sudden partnership of AFA and Cypton Future Media with our local cosplay event named as Cosplay Mania 2011 led me to ponder a bit if they are considering to held a major event or something. In the end, they didn’t even have a single booth in convention. They were just giving away free Hatsune Miku stickers and publicizing Miku.

  2. Was AFA ever done outside of Singapore? In any case, instead of saying to have AFA come here, we should probably have our own version of AFA!

    We just need to make an overall better convention here. The biggest mistake we’re doing, in my opinion, is having too many random events left and right. It’s like everyone’s joining the bandwagon. The community is spreading itself too thin.

    I think it’s a smarter idea for all event organizers to pull their resources together and make one big event. But profit sharing isn’t lucrative so I doubt they’d do that :(

  3. Agreeable… We have many conventions yet these conventions are somewhat mediocre and less interesting at times. Those many conventions are draining money to what we can compile into one giant even equal to AFA and our government won’t be able to help us. Since our government is bat-shick and would like to care of their political career more than the masses’ interest.

    I would maybe take 30 more years or when we finally get into the top economy battlefield then we might have a chance to have a AFA here…

  4. It’s not injustice but rather its the truth and you nor I nor anyone can do something about it. First and foremost, the goverment supports the said event/convention year after year after year. Second, they have a better cosplay community as proof of that, they have a very small amount of inferior cosplayers and lastly people there don’t skimp themselves of the fees to attend the convention. If you check the tickets for the said event and compare it to events here, its nowhere near. Plus they can afford to pay top money to get hostings from seiyuu(s), singer(s)/performers etc.

    Add the fact that they have less conventions related to anime, manga and game(s) but ensure that when they conduct one, they will make it a point that it would not suck unlike what we have here in the Philippines.

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