Makaizou (NSFW)

What the hell is Makaizou? Few days ago, I had a conversation with some e-mailer, and in that conversation he was asking me about Saber Lily’s cast-off feature. But the thing is, Saber Lily does not have a cast-off feature. Still the guy insisted and even showed me a picture of Saber Lily’s cast-off feature.

(Some NSFW pics ahead)
Turns out this Saber Lily has been customized into a nude cast-off-able figure. And these type of figures are not obtainable in the market unless you know the person who customized it and they are willing to sell it to you or you know someone who bought from the guy who customized or… Well, anyhow… Point is, these things are rare and are very very expensive (even I would not buy these Makaizou figures).
Now, being expensive is also a good thing as well, if you are skilled enough to customize your figs and make them go nude. Then you can sell them at a really high price. I’m sure there are many perverts out there who are willing to spend.
Downside is, you would have to sacrifice a fig and you cannot fail in customizing them. Imagine failing in customizing an exclusive hard to find rare figure. And aside from the failure is not an option thing, if some companies discover you selling custom made figures, they can have you arrested. Anyhow, to end this entry… Here are some more Makaizou pics for you guys to enjoy.

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