Griffon Reiuji Nukes My Optimism, Painfully Disappointing

Nuclear raven deity, Utsuho Reiuji, from vertical shooter game franchise, “Touhou Project” will now be available for pre-orders as Griffon Enterprises has now unveiled her to the once adoring public. While some people remain engaged and excited about this release, I, for one, am no longer optimistic about her based on the colored prototype shots. Don’t get me wrong. This is not another case of hating the character. In fact, I’m a dead serious Reiuji fan if there was any. She’s right up there with Reimu in my “Touhou deities I’d seriously consider making a shrine of” list of characters. The figure is simply mediocre to say the least. Although her wings are beautifully done, with a gradient color change that really tells of how far Griffon has come in figure manufacturing, her other attributes fall short of being up to par. The face is stoic in a bad way, the nuclear cannon on her right hand looks like a lifeless barrel and her hair is simply plasticky bad and colored even worse. For those who are still bound to get her no matter what (seeing as to how Reiuji may not get another scale figure release ever), she’ll be released this December 2011 for a questionable price of 7600 yen.

Images taken from AmiAmi.


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