“Blood-C” Getting A Movie Next Year, Tries To Salvage The Borefest


This year’s collaboration of CLAMP and the “Blood” franchise, “Blood-C,” has not exactly turned out well, with fans criticizing the lackadaisical storytelling bordering on outright boredom. The art is often beautiful, as expected from CLAMP, but the gory symphony and the plot discord just leaves an unpalatable level of dissatisfaction and disappointment, which is probably why a movie announcement for the anime puzzles me so much. For a show that’s received the backlash it has gotten, the production crew simply said “oh screw the public” and went to work on a movie. Optimism? It’s bound to receive little or none at all. Anyways, those who’ve stuck with the show despite its sleep-inducing properties can look forward to the movie which will premiere on June 2, 2012.

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