figma Kyoko and Saber/Zero Previewed, Guess Which One I’m Excited For?

New figmas have been announced recently that should appease a lot of both these characters fans, although I’m not particularly fond of one of them for reasons which I shall torture you (translation: rant) with later. First off, the character which I really, really, reeeeeaaally admire, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s” Sakura Kyoko. Kyoko might not garner the same level of popularity as the other puella magi, but I found her backstory quite interesting and her voracious appetite very cute. Her exposed fang is of course, also one of her biggest selling points. The figma looks to be excellent again, and I’m sure that huge spear she holds will make for some pretty dynamic poses. I’m hoping there’s not much in terms of paint quality issues, but so far, the uncolored prototype is already an A++ for me.




The other figma I was referring to is “Fate/Zero’s” Saber/Zero. Pardon to all the many Saber fans out there but isn’t it time to give Saber figures a rest? Sure this figma might be great to play with and the cool black suit gives an aura of mystique to Saber, but playability issues aside, I’m quite annoyed at how many Saber versions are out there. It’s almost like TYPE-MOON’s out there to make a Saber for every occasion (jungle girl Saber anyone?) and figure companies are willing to jump on the bandwagon. Anyways, more previews are expected for this new figma at the end of October so for fans who haven’t grown stale of the Saber pie, this one’s sure to be a treat.


One thought on “figma Kyoko and Saber/Zero Previewed, Guess Which One I’m Excited For?

  1. Personally i like this saber’s look, although i do AGREE that enough is enough…

    And my answer would be you’re waiting for kyoko more >~>

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